Before and After

He wanted a cosmetic improvement to the dentistry done 20 years ago. An all-porcelain crown and a new tooth colored filling did the trick.

Not only was the cavity on her front tooth unsightly, it was also causing her pain. One hour later, she's looking and feeling better.

She wanted her teeth straightened before her daughter's wedding. Thanks to Invisalign, it was her smile that stole the show.

After many years of dental neglect, he wanted a big, bright smile that he could be proud of.

She wanted to replace the discolored filling on her front tooth. Cosmetic bonding was the answer.

Someone had braces as a teenager but didn't wear their retainer. After straightening her teeth with Invisalign, she's promised to wear her retainer every night.

She did not like the space between her teeth but didn't want to go through the cost or time with braces. Cosmetic bonding and voila, instant orthodontics.

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